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BLUCLEAN-Product description:

Our product BLUCLEAN is an eco-friendly tar and bitumen removal and degreasing agent. This emulsifiable fluid is free of VOC, odourless and without safety labelling according to European Union regulation (EG) No. 1272/2008. As BLUCLEAN is comprised of renewable products as coconut and sunflowers it is without hazard notes for human and the environment. Using BLUCLEAN the residues of mineral oils will be removed ecologically without appearance of additional dangerous substances and add waste and herewith minimizing the costs of recycling and waste removal.


During treatment of oil-contaminated surfaces with BLUCLEAN the mineral oil particles will be enclosed by BLUCLEAN active particles and the oil molecules will be separated from the surface they adhere. The admixed water in proportion of around 1:5 takes over the role as carrier medium. This water can be easily separated from the BLUCLEAN mineral oil mixture at a later purification stage. A cleaning duration with BLUCLEAN is curtate significantly versus conventional methods, it is also minimizing accumulation of additional waste. This is reducing the environmental impact and the impact on your budget to a minimum. BLUCLEAN-treatment is the fastest and the most low-priced option for a tank cleaning on board of a merchant vessel.



Cleaning of oil-contaminated surfaces with BLUCLEAN is independent of the voyage section of the vessel. This can be realised as well as during port stay or during a voyage. Our BLUCLEAN technicians take care of all stages of treatment as instalment of the equipment, cleaning process, reworking measures and controlling and inspection. There is no need to involve manpower of vessel’s crew. Our team on-shore is taking care for a custom-made and budget-priced solution including all processes required according to provided constraints (size, location, cross sections and accessibility of tanks). BLU MARINE on-shore team will estimate works extension, calculate the required material and equipment. We of course pay attention for logistics and transportations with a close approach to our customers and their needs. You are keeping your schedule, we are taking care of everything else.


Our BLUCLEAN treatment is of course equally suitable for cleaning of all oil contaminated surfaces onshore. Facilities and constructions where mineral oils are produced, treated, stored or transported e.g. tanks, piping, pumps, machinery and equipment are good examples. Also structures as buildings these were exposed to oily vapours and/or are showing oil contaminated surfaces could be effectively cleaned with BLUCLEAN providing minimized ecological footprint at low prices.

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for an effective and eco-friendly cleaning of oiled surfaces

Your Experts

ecologically friendly and clean solutions for marine vessels and

we support our customers to operate their ships trouble-free

We Provide

listening, open-minded and clear and we are available 24/7. We seek to cover

the high demands of the maritime market with our flexibility and our creativity

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reliability and high sense of responsibility providing high quality services

and we navigate our efforts to customer-focussed and

made-to-order solutions at competitive prices

We Promise


Cleaning of Oil Tanks
Cleaning of Ballast Water Tanks
Crew Support
Value Proposition
Spare Parts


The makers of Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) devices are providing warranties for the prescriptive limits of ballast water only if the ballast tanks of retrofitted vessels are cleaned properly before the first operation of the BWT-equipment. This includes comprehensive removal of mud and all other contamination within the ballast water tanks containing fully cleaning of ballast tanks‘ side walls, ceilings and floors.

BLU MARINE is a service provider for tank cleanings and is ready to support you in this challenging procedure. Our experience allows us to provide you an offer for ballast tank cleanings undercutting the prices of shipyards without the need to be in dock or on shipyard‘s pier. You are keeping your schedule, we are cleaning your ballast water tanks during your vessel‘s operation.

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With our BLU MARINE „Crew-Support-Concept“ we offer qualified and flexible Riding-Gangs-Teams for assignments on merchant vessels. According to your requirements we provide specialists and labours for all kind of works e.g. steel, piping, installation works, fitting, assembling and painting or cleaning works. For all types of technicians as piping specialist or ventilation expert, welders and fitters with DNVGL-certification we assess our absolutely competitive prices according our attractive rates. For riding-gang-services above two weeks assignments prices are negotiable.

We promise to provide a customised offer according to your needs. Our works are high quality and our main goal is at all times our customer’s satisfaction. Our pricing models are ones of the most well-priced within the maritime industry.

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BLU MARINE offers spare parts and maritime service among others:

  • Delivery of spare parts for machinery, plants, equipment, instruments, tools and many others

  • Delivery of ventilation ducts, impellers and electro motors for cargo holds

  • Ventilation Ducts: new instalments, repairs, stainless-steel, galvanised, custom-made

  • Custom-made constructions: steel and piping constructions, heating coils, fundaments

  • Ship repairs, maintenance works and modification works and spares

  • Steel works and piping works with DNVGL-certified welders

  • Consulting and execution of dry dockings, modifications and retrofittings

Interested to get more information? > Please feel free to contact us via our contact form.





ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 75

43-300 Bielsko Biala



Tel.: +48 605 35 1169




Registration office: Sad Rejonowy w Bielsku Bialej,


Commercial ID number: SZOO_1340719/1/2018

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